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Linguaphone Business English
 Would you like to speak CEO English? Would you like to communicate with command and style? How do you disagree with someone, without being disagreeable? How do you re-negotiate a contract, or a distribution agreement? How to prepare for an important business meeting? How to write important letters, or make minutes of 

meetings? How to prepare for a difficult job interview? How to 
interact with CEOs and Board Members?

Linguaphone Business English is an award winning course that uses the Case Study Method pioneered at the Harvard Business School. It uses 12 business case studies covering many industries spread over 15 countries. It teaches an English vocabulary of over 3000 words and covers 67 essential business communications skills. It has review and revision exercises, and a Correspondence Course that leads to certification.

You can do one case study a week, and complete the entire course in 12 weeks. 

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