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The Linguaphone Method

  • Listen-Understand-Record-Compare and Speak using the iLOTUS App.
  • Self study method. No teachers are needed.
  • Study at your own time, pace and place.
  • Learn by studying a little, and often. Just 30 minutes a day for 90 days.
  • Based on Guided Total Immersion so you learn to think and speak in English.
  • Learn from native English Speakers, so you get the correct pronunciation and accent.
  • Learn grammar in context, with no need to memorize rules.

The Linguaphone Syllabus:

iLotus Interactive English covers Linguaphone levels 3-5 and upon completion the student will have acquired a vocabulary of 3000 words.
  • Based on the Council of Europe Waystage Syllabus.
  • Uses the Communicative Method.
  • Created by a team of 5 Universities, led by the University of York.
  • USD 10 million invested in R and D, 9 years in development.
  • The Linguaphone Academic Advisory Council has the world's top authorities in the English language.
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