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      Linguaphone Children's English

       Help children speak English like their monther tongue!

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Linguaphone Children's EnglishLinguaphone Children's English is the most fun your child will ever have, while learning to speak English confidently. It uses songs, games, puzzles, stories, activities, brain teasers… your child will love doing the course with you. English time everyday will become fun time. 

Linguaphone Children's English will make your child confident in reading, writing and speaking English.LCE also develops skills necessary for your child's overall intellectual development.

LCE is a 6 level program. It is used at home from the time your child is born, and from Lower KG to Standard 4 at school. It develops 141 skills, and gives your child a spoken English vocabulary of 1300 words.

 Your child will be confident in English and confident in school. That's what we all want for our children, don't we?

LCE's 8 step program will make your child excellent in English. 
Here's how the 8 components in LCE work together.

  1. Topic books introduce the child to vocabulary through songs, games and puzzles. 
  2. Story books help the child use the vocabulary.
  3. Activity books reinforce the vocabulary.
  4. The Song Book expands the vocabulary.
  5. The Picture Dictionary uses words and visuals to strengthen the vocabulary.
  6. The Handwriting book develops the child's writing skills.
  7. The Board Games get children to play and improve their language.
  8. The Parent/ Teacher Guide shows how to get the most out of the program.

 Topic BooksStory BooksAcitivity BooksHand Writing BooksBoard Games

Each component links with the other in LCE, making it an integrated program. 

LCE at home : Spend just 15 minutes a day with your child, going through the various songs and games. Soon your child will begin to ask for English Time with you, and look forward to it every day. Watch your child become confident in English, and get ready for school.

LCE at school : LCE is a 6 level program, and has been very successfully used from Lower KG to Standard 4 as part of the English and overall development curriculum.

LCE is now available in the e-book format.

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