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      Taking Charge

      How to get the job of your dreams.

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Taking Charge

Most students are not trained to find and get the job of their dreams. Many students don't know how to prepare a winning resume, how to find the right companies, how to ace the interview and get the job, and how to start their career. Students also need to develop skills on how to manage time, money, and learn from role models.

The job market is very competitive. For the best companies there are over 100 applications for every job. It is no longer enough to have good marks.

Taking Charge is an 8 week course that has been developed to help students acquire all these skills. There are 144 activities in 8 modules, and each is a practical hands-on way of learning the Soft Skills so essential for success. There is an audio guide to each of the pages of the course, so there is no need for a teacher.

Module 1: Taking Charge of myself. Understanding myself and creating my own goals - 19 Activities
Module 2: Taking Charge of my resume: Writing a resume that will get me an interview - 23 Activities
Module 3: The Job Search: Finding the right industry, company and job for me - 15 Activities
Module 4: The Interview: You have to talk your way into the job of your Dreams - 27 Activities
Module 5: My first job: Start your new career right, with a great first year on the job - 12 Activities
Module 6: Taking Charge of my Time : Time is money, and we must invest it wisely - 18 Activities
Module 7: Taking Charge of my Money: Earn money. Multiply money. Create wealth - 20 Activities
Module 8: 10 success secrets of Champions: Winning is not an accident or chance - 10 Activities
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