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Linguaphone Spoken English Language Labs have been set up in over 610 universities, colleges and schools all over India. Better English leads to better jobs. Students using Linguaphone get excellent command over English, and get better jobs .


iLOTUS Interactive English Spoken English Labs with Linguaphone 21 curriculum and iLOTUS SRS ( Speech Recognition Software) are superior to other Labs for 2 reasons: 
1) The Labs are based on the world's best syllabus, and 
2) The Labs do not need special English teachers. 

That's why the best institutions have chosen Linguaphone.

Language Labs based on Linguaphone Children's English, Business English, and International languages have also been successfully set up.

Lotus ensures smooth functioning from Day One by offering Installation and Teacher Orientation as part of the Lab.

Installation and Teacher Orientation

  • Curriculum Mapping to integrate Linguaphone into the syllabus.
  • Intensive orientation to ensure success of the Lab.
  • Detailed Teachers' Manuals are available on CDs.
  • On going tech support and teacher support are available.

Linguaphone Language LabImpact in India

  • Linguaphone is now a well proven concept in India.
  • Labs have been installed in over 610 universities, schools and colleges.
  • Government projects in AP, Rajasthan and Maharashtra for student and teacher training.
  • 25,000 individuals have invested in the programs for their own use.
  • High degree of satisfaction.
  • We have lots of testimonials from institutions and individuals.


  • Linguaphone and iLOTUS SRS are a one time investment, and easy to install.
  • Linguaphone course materials and software have a 1 year warranty.
  • There are no recurring costs or royalties.



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