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      Linguaphone 21 Print + SRS

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Linguaphone 21 Print + SRS   [ View Details ]

Linguaphone 21 Print + SRSThe L 21 Print course contains

  • 8 Course Books in 4 Levels, with 28 units of learning and 4 units of revision.
  • 16 hours audio content on 2  MP 3 CDs, covering the 28 units
  • 4 Volume Correspondence Course ( to be purchased separately)

Linguaphone is the world’s most successful program because of its Method and Syllabus.

 The Linguaphone Method

  • The natural method of learning -Listen-Understand-Speak- just as we learned our mother tongue.
  • Self study method. No teachers are needed.
  • Study at your own time, pace and place.
  • Learn by studying a little, and often. Just 30 minutes a day for 90 days.
  • Based on Guided Total Immersion so you learn to think and speak in English.
  • Uses Native English Speakers, so you get the correct pronunciation and accent.
  • Learn grammar in context, with no need to memorize rules.

The Linguaphone Syllabus: 
Linguaphone 21 Print has 4 levels
  • Based on the Council of Europe Waystage Syllabus.
  • Uses the Communicative Method.
  • Created by a team of 5 Universities, led by the University of York.
  • USD 10 million invested in R and D, 9 years in development.
  • The Linguaphone Academic Advisory Council has the world's top authorities in the English language.
Linguaphone 21 Print gives command over a vocabulary of 2500 words.


Level Books Vocabulary MP3 Audio CC Books Activities  
Basic 2 500-600 Yes 1 347  
Fluent 2 1100-1300 Yes 1 410  
Confidence 2 1800-2000 Yes 1 409  
Command 2 2200-2500 Yes 1 386  
Total Activities         1552  


iLotus SRS

iLOTUS SRS uses the latest Speech Recognition Technology and Levels 1 to 4 of the Linguaphone curriculum to help students improve their accent and pronunciation.

  • The learner listens to Linguaphone and then records his own voice.
  • A graph visually represents the learner's speech and compares it with L-21.
  • SRS gives marks on 4 key aspects: Pronunciation, Pitch, Timing and Loudness.
  • iLotus SRS acts as the "built in Teacher"
  • iLotus SRS contains 72 role plays that give the learner conversational practice in "real life situations".
  • Written test certification through the Linguaphone Correspondence Course. ( To be purchased separately).
  • Oral test certification through iLotus SRS

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